Lots of changes

I really need to blog more often. So much has happened. The week after the last visit with Levi’s team, they called and said that his hyper sexuality had worsened even more and would have to be moved as soon as possible. First, we thought it would be a place in Missouri, but he was too young. Then he was accepted at a place in Fayetteville.

Last Sunday, I picked him up and kept him overnight. Then brought him to the new place on Monday morning. I liked this place better. The staff was friendlier, the building seems more open and welcoming.

I had typed up a several page paper about Levi and all his quirks. A History of his life. Apparently, they have never had a parent do that before. I try to do as much as I can to help them.

Things were fine until Saturday. Levi had an altercation and broke both bones in the bottom of his right arm. The bones are so badly broken that they could not be set. He will have to have surgery.

Right now he has a splint and a sling to keep his arm stationary. Tomorrow we will go see the Orthopedic Surgeon. Hopefully they will do the surgery tomorrow.

I’m staying here, in Fayetteville for the time being. He needs me. Even though I am not in the same building with him, he knows I am here. He sat in my lap today and let me hold him. He cried, a little. He never cries much.

He’s scared right now, and hurting. Which makes for a dangerous combination for him. Luckily, the medicine is making him sleep quite a bit. That’s exactly what he needs right now.

I’ll know more tomorrow. As always, I remain ever hopeful. We will find our way through this dark abyss.


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