Still Struggling

Today mom and I went to Little Rock to meet with Levi’s team. This, after finding out last night he has been on suicide watch. Apparently, they found him, naked, in the bathroom, in the middle of the night, with a piece of metal. Not a good combination.

The meeting was short. They are less concerned about the suicidal thoughts than the sexual acting out. They are watching closely, of course. But mainly consider them a bid for attention. The sexual acting out is a new thing. It started during his last short term stay. It’s become bad enough that it’s traumatizing to some of the other kiddos,  he has another 30 days to stop it. If he can’t, they will have to place him somewhere else. Both options are in different states.

They did agree to have another Dr come talk to him and see if he can get to the bottom of this new behavior. Also get started on the Spectrum testing.
We got to see Levi today, my heart still melts when I look at him. It also breaks because he has so many issues to deal with. He has been there over a month now and is still on precautions. Which means no day passes or weekends home.
I worry, I cry, I pray, I talk to mom, I hope. I dream of a day when we will better understand mental illness.


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