First week home

Levi has been back home a little over a week now. I still don’t think he was ready to come home. His therapist had actually recommended a sub acute stay, which could have been up to a month. But, here we are. Dealing with it moment by moment, as we always do.

We did have a medication appointment today. Meds will be shifted around a bit again, with an eye to completely getting rid of one and replacing it with another. I hate that you have to try so many medications to find the ones that actually work.

One of the bigger problems Levi has is the lack of sleep. He woke up before 2 AM today, and has been going strong ever since. He’s very cranky though, so am I.

Oh, I am open to hearing any and all sleep ideas. We’ve tried a lot of things to make him sleep better. Some are definitely sillier than others.


2 thoughts on “First week home

  1. sleep issues run in the family……..and then with his issues they are exaggerated Have you tried the crickets and tree frogs cd, or the ocean waves? Melatonin?


  2. We have tried Melatonin, but I am going to restart it tonight, at a larger dose. We did have a sleep CD we used when he was smaller, it didn’t seem to help much. But, I will see if I can dig it out and try again!


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