Coming Home

Shiloh, Mom and I went to pick Levi up after lunch today, it was great to see him. It was a wee bit of a surprise to see how relaxed he was when he came out from behind those locked double doors. But, it looked as though ten days of being away from his daily stressors had done him well. Even the dark bags under his eyes were gone! I will watch to see how quickly they return.

He, of course, wanted a Happy Meal as soon as he saw us. We were only too happy to oblige. McDonalds is his favorite place to eat. I know, I know, the food is soo not healthy. Get over it! If a Happy Meal makes my kidlet happy, well then, he will get one. Moderation and all that.

This evening has gone relatively well. He was happy to be home and see everyone. Lots of hugs & kisses. He and mom went through the house & anointed all the doors and windows. To prevent all zombies and bad guys from entering, of course. These are things we simply take as a matter of daily life around here.

Unfortunately Levi has an obsession with things related to death & destruction. Guns, knives, swords, and  zombies. They are a constant topic of conversation. And yes, I have tried to temper the subject, and introduce new ones. Doesn’t work, makes it worse, in fact. (He doesn’t watch that crap either!)

He is asleep at the moment, kind of. There has been a lot of waking up and sleep talking. He has the most interesting conversations in his sleep. Much to my chagrin, they seem to be carried out in a language I can’t understand.

I’m worried as I sit here listening to him breathe. It’s not something I can put into words really, I simply know that I need to watch him even closer than normal right now.

It’s so hard to put all this out there into the open. Our life is so chaotic. But, my son is living in a seemingly bottomless pit of darkness. If I have to put myself out there to find a way to help him, so be it.

It’s my job, as his mom to protect him. I accept the challenge.


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